:::Police Services

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The policing duties are the service affairs for citizens. Citizens desire all the services from police officers; police officers need the help and cooperation from citizens as well. Therefore, we, all the police officers in Chiayi County, hope to offer you the multiple and best services with our positive vitality and ardor.

(Ⅰ).Foreign Affairs Service:

  1. Appling for Police Crimal Record Certificate.
  2. Caring for battered women of marital vionlence from foreign countries and Mainland China .


(Ⅱ).To show our sincerely services and establish a nice citizen-police relationship, our garrisons, criminal investigation teams and police stations of precincts have practiced tea-service to the applicants. We provide for refreshments before and after the Q&A in a lively but relaxed atmosphere.

(Ⅲ).To coordinate with the goal of tourism exerting of Chiayi County Government, we have appointed Shihjhuo and Sanmei Mountain Check Point to establish tourism service stations. These two mountain check points combine the functions of public security and service to offer tourists all policing services, such as mountain entry control and certificate applying, lost- tourist searching assistance, tourism information providing, tourism safety and all aid affairs.

(Ⅳ).We have set up some mobile police stations and service stations to accept reports and offer people variety services among the areas with complex traffic and public security problems.

(Ⅴ).To build a standard process on our police duties and operations, we have promoted our precincts and police stations to gain the identification of ISO quality manage system and promote our service quality.