:::Traffic Management

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Chiayi County enjoys convenient traffic networks with Provincial Highway 1 (Taiwan), Formosa Freeway, 82 expressway, and Chiayi Airport, from which thousands of tourists flow into Chiayi when annual festivals or national activities commence. In order to offer a fluent traffic experience for the crowd, we take traffic management and vehicle inspections as our essential duties on a daily basis. During holidays, extra duties are specially taken to maintain a smooth traffic flow. Our major tasks include:

  1. We manage to control traffic in Alishan Mountains and Fenchihu Scenic Spot during annual holiday seasons to give tourists a better travel quality, and also cooperate with Chiayi County Government in developing traffic safety evaluation program to flourish local tourism industry.
  2. We survey accident hot spots and surrounding routes in partnership with concerned departments for routine reports and reviews in Traffic Safety Convention to reduce accident casualties.
  3. We strictly enforce traffic regulations by criminating reckless driving behaviors and dangerous road users to prevent vehicle accidents.