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Chiayi County Police Department is headed by the commissioner, along with two deputies and the Chief Secretary. It consists of Administration Division, Accounting Office, Systems Administration Division, Personnel Office, Public Relations Division, Security Division, Internal Affairs Division, Secretariat,Foreign Affairs Division, Prevention and Control Division, Logistics Division, Training Division, Forensic science Division, Public Order Division, Command and Control Center, Civil Defense Center, Criminal Investigation Corps, Traffic Police Brigade, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade, Special Police Brigade, Women and Children Protection Brigade, Government Ethics Office, and Legal Affairs Division. The above 23 units are in charge of various police duties and services.

For the purpose of peace and maintaining social order, the bureau has established 6 police precincts: Minsyong , Puzi, Shuishang, Budai, Jhongpu, and Jhuci. Under the police precincts, there are 12 police stations, 69 police sub-stations, 8 mountain checkpoints (4 of which are working in local police sub-stations) set.

  1. Administration Division

    Oversees duty planning, prohibition of prostitution , prohibition of gambling.
  2. Prevention and Control Division

    Oversees planning and supervision of household visiting, community security service.
  3. Training Division

    Oversees the education, training and psychological counseling of police officers.
  4. Public Order Division

    Oversees defense planning processing, outdoor assembly processing, demonstration and parade control, and civil defense manpower training.
  5. Foreign Affairs Division

    (1)Protecting foreign population
    (2)Investigating crimes and illegal activities that foreigners are involved in.
    (3)Promote international police cooperation and exchange.
    (4)Application for Criminal Record Certificate.
  6. Logistics Division

    Oversees the maintenance of police equipment, weaponry, and the constructions of office buildings.
  7. Forensic science Division

    Evidence examination and collection.
  8. Internal Affairs Division

    Oversees duty supervision, evaluation, discipline and special security services.
  9. Secretariat

    Oversees the management of documents, files, research, seals, treasury, civil services, and jurisdiction.
  10. Security Division

    Oversees intelligence protection ,security defense and security education.
  11. Personnel Office

    Oversees personnel management affairs.
  12. Systems Administration Division

    Oversees planning, training, management, and maintenance of information systems.
  13. Accounting Office

    Oversees budgets, accounts and statistic affairs.
  14. Public Relations Division

    Oversees public service issues and is the liaison between the public and government
  15. Criminal Investigation Corps

    Manages crime investigation and prevention.
  16. Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade

    Manages juvenile delinquency investigation and prevention.
  17. Women and Children Protection Brigade

    Domestic violence prevention、Women and Children Protection.
  18. Traffic Police Brigade

    Manages traffic safety and security affairs.
  19. Special Police Brigade

    Manages public security affairs.
  20. Command and Control Center

    Oversees the 110 emergency calls and the command, deploy, and control of liaison affairs.
  21. Civil Defense Center

    Oversees the communication and control of civil defense affairs.
  22. Government Ethics Office

    Prevention and prohibition of corruption, promote" Integrity and Ethics Directions for Civil Servants", protect the confidential security information.
  23. Legal Affairs Division

    Legal Affairs provides legal services to CYPD. The division also handles all rulemaking activity for the department.