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Minsyong Precinct

Both Sun Yat-sen Expressway and North-to-south railway run through the administrative area. Singang Fengtian Temple is also located in the area, and from January to March of the Luna calendar, believers throughout Taiwan will make a formal visit to the temple and bring huge crowds and busy traffic. The precinct is in charge of controlling the traffic and securing the public safety during the visit, and the missions are usually completed successfully.
Address:No. 21Min-TzuRd.Dung-RongVillage,MinsyongTownship,ChiayiCounty 61249, Taiwan, ROC

Puzi Precinct

There is no railway or expressway running through the administrative area. The length of the coastline with the area is 25 kilometers. The traffic is very convenient for there are Provincial Routes No. 19 and No. 17, Chiapu Expressway, and other expressway connecting to Sun Yat-sen Expressway.
Address:No. 33 Kuang-FuRd.PuzihCity,ChiayiCounty 61249, Taiwan, ROC

Shuishang Precinct

The administrative area of the precinct has a convenient traffic network for it contains Shueishang Airport, Sun Yat-sen Expressway, North-south Throughway, Provincial Route No. 82, No. 159, and County Route No. 168, which connects Sun Yat-sen Expressway and South 2nd Expressway, and leads to Taibao City, Lucao Township, and the location of the County Government. Route No. 163 is also the main route from Shueishang to Lucao.
Address:No. 528 Chung-HsingRd.Shuei-TouVillage,ShueishangTownship,ChiayiCounty 61249, Taiwan, ROC

Budai Precinct

On the land transportation, Provincial Route No. 19 leads to Yanshuei Township in Tainan County through Yijhu and Housheng Bridge, and Provincial Route No. 17 to Beimen Township through Dongshih, Budai, and Chianan Bridge. In County Route, there are Pubu Expressway, Yibu Expressway, and West Coast Expressway, which is still under construction. The main public transportations are four transport companies: UBUS Transport Company, Singing Transport Company, Chiayi Transport Company, and Chiayi County Bus. On the sea transportation, there are Future Star Liner, Chiapeng Cargo Ship Company, and Chiajin Cargo Ship Company. Basically, the communication of the area is convenient.
Address:No.3, Ziyou Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi County 625, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Jhongpu Precinct

The major roads under the jurisdiction of this precinct includes the Provincial Highway No. 18(Alishan Highway), starting from Jiun Huei Bridge in Chiayi City, passing Jhonpu to Guongtien 45.3 kilo point of Fanlu and is bordered with Jhuchi Precinct; and the Provincial Highway No.3, starting from the 265.5 kilo point in Jhuchi, entering Fanlu, passing Jhonpu to the 375 kilo point in Dapu, and then entering Tainan County. The traffic condition is very smooth.
Address:No.66, Jhongjheng Rd,Jhongpu Township,Chiayi County 606, Taiwan(ROC)

Jhuci Precinct

On the traffic network, Provincial Route No. 3 connects Jhuci and Meishan Townships, and Route No. 28 leads to Alishan Township. On County highway, No. 159 leads to Chiayi City, and No. 162 connects Dalin Township to Sun Yat-sen.
Address:No. 72 Chung-ShunRd.JhuciVillage,JhuciTownship,ChiayiCounty 61249, Taiwan, ROC